Craving Hope – NMM Series – Oct 8

Hope is what we crave And that will never change.

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NMM series – Oct 2

You simply mus not underestimate sin and you simply cannot overestimate grace.

Sometimes when I’m reading pastor Tripp’s writing, it’s easy to picture someone talking as plainly to me as he writes. I love his direct approach and how it confronts my line of thinking. Continue reading “NMM series – Oct 2”


The New Morning Mercies Series

Hi there.

I want to share a few things before I get going in this post. This post is starting off a series that I’m looking to get going. I picked up the excellent book New Morning Mercies by Paul David Tripp a few weeks ago on the recommendation of Jeff Bethke and was instantly hooked on the way he broke down the gospel. I definitely appreciate the simplicity of the gospel itself being echoed in an artfully written way.

I am reading the book daily and journaling along but won’t make a post for each day’s topic. I don’t plan on posting all of these to social media, but I thought it would be a good practice for me and that it might be nice for any of you clicking around to find a good word.

Secondly, this practice falls in line with a post I’ve been working on, both to share here and to put into practice. I want to prioritize my projects and time towards things, like writing, I feel should be a part of me. Put another way, I aim to get lean. Getting rid of the excess.

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