A Moment Redeemed is a Memory Cherished

I’m going to tell a story about a couple that I know through my job. A story that I’m only able to know through patience and listening. My job has frustrating times like any job but one of my favorite parts is the chance I get to connect with people. Unfortunately that can also be one of the worst parts of the job too. But I really cherish the times I can meet someone and help them towards a kitchen of their dreams. Even better is when the guests I’m helping are interesting and kind, I enjoy getting the chance to listen to bits of their story. The more I learn, the more I’m aware of how little I know. So I’m grateful for other perspectives on life. Continue reading “A Moment Redeemed is a Memory Cherished”


Why I chose to be baptized again.

Essentially my entire childhood was spent in church. We went as a family and often. Religiously, if you’ll pardon the word choice. I remember watching X Files when I was young and then finding out I would be no longer able to watch it as it had switched to Sunday nights. I was devastated.

I remember trying to memorize the books of the bible better than the other kids to show off. I remember singing along to old hymns that I didn’t always understand. I remember wearing stuffy shirts that my mom thought I looked good in.

What I didn’t remember, was the time I was baptized. I have a faint memory if being downstairs of the church with my father, changing into the baptismal clothes. I’m really glad that I have that. With him passing fairly early on in my life, I’m thankful for anything I can connect back to that his love was on display. I don’t remember how old I was either. While I’m sure I was eager to have that day come, I was too young to have that choice be one that held any weight to me.

I wanted to step forward in my faith in a way that showed my personal decision. I wanted to do it for me. To make an intentional decision to put preferences aside. I didn’t want that nagging voice to keep up, questioning whether my original action was really volitional. My personal growth in the past year and a half has been leading here. I needed this. But I hope that as I share my story of God’s redeeming grace in my life, this day ends up being not just for me. That others can see a man who’s willing to tell Jesus yes. A man stuck after years of religion. A man who found himself deeply rooted in sin. A man extremely grateful to be loved.