Not Just a New Year’s Thing

Today is the day we all become prognosticators. We glance back over the past fifty-two weeks or so and try to identify how we’ll create positive changes going forward. A few years ago I looked back wistfully at a year of changes and opportunities. I said that the best was yet to come. I still believe what I said then. But I’m going to back off of the whole resolution list for the New Year.

It just isn’t that effective for me. Forcing the hopes of a year into the span of the month or so it would take to burn out. And the burnout would come. Maybe you’re good with keeping up the passion stirred from one day’s worth of self-reflection over the course of twelve months, but I’m sure not. Oh, I can attack with zeal. Ask me to take down a wall, and I’m gonna wreck it.

There is another reason that I don’t like the idea of resolutions. They lack focus. Instead of placing all my hope in the wave of energy in January, I want to take sharper looks at myself more often. Course corrections probably aren’t that helpful if your nose is already almost to the ground. Besides, I am being made new. I am becoming. I am a work in progress.

So the joys and pains of 2017 and even earlier than that aren’t just being washed away. Forgiveness is a continual act, choosing to remove blame from another. Renewal starts with something old. Reconciliation hangs onto the best parts of something to find a way to reconnect. God’s mercies are new every morning. Not just on December 31st. I can find the grace to change and move forward daily. Not yearly.

That’s not to say that I’m not excited about things 2018 will hold. My red planner is itching to be put to use. 2018 will see the release of two of my most ambitious projects to date. I am nervous and excited to see the final results. But the success of my endeavors isn’t all that matters. The journey is full of stories of success and of failure. It’s also filled with a redeeming grace that helps make better choices along the way.


Author: Jeff R

Writer, podcaster, storyteller. I believe everyone has a story worth telling.

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