Not Just a New Year’s Thing

Today is the day we all become prognosticators. We glance back over the past fifty-two weeks or so and try to identify how we’ll create positive changes going forward. A few years ago I looked back wistfully at a year of changes and opportunities. I said that the best was yet to come. I still believe what I said then. But I’m going to back off of the whole resolution list for the New Year. Continue reading “Not Just a New Year’s Thing”


Rewriting Christmas

Christmas is big. Like, Texas big. After over a decade in retail, I’ll sometimes catch myself with a jaded outlook after enduring countless cheesy Christmas songs and people whose attitude is less than cheerful. Christmas time can be tough for a lot of us. The whole hustle and bustle of shopping is only the start of it. Tensions can arise due to financial, relational, and time issues that only seem to be magnified by a season known for its cheer. When everything around us is telling us to be happy, it can highlight the parts of us that aren’t. Continue reading “Rewriting Christmas”