And the Ugly Parts

You are in the middle of a grand story.In between all the little mundane interruptions of life, you’re weaving together chronicles and storylines that you’re not even always aware of.

Your story is special and unique even though you share so many narrative elements with so many of your fellow authors. It’s the similarities that we share give us space to be empathetic to those around us. We’re all struggling to ensure our final chapter is filled with the closing paragraphs that we’re hoping for.

The best and most compelling parts of our story are rarely the ones where our best-laid plans go as smoothly as possible. Like any good movie or the book that it’s worse than, the most beautiful things flow out of adversity. There’s a sweetness to the triumph over and through adversity.

Everything that's beautiful doesn't always start beautifully. - Noor Unnahar

It can be tempting to chase down a different branch from the one you’re heading down. To find a way to escape the tough road ahead. But that robs us of the chance of something truly beautiful. Redeeming our story not in spite of our hardship, but through it. The ugly parts not only help highlight the beautiful ones but they actually help to define them. To paraphrase my friend Bob Goff, it’s an adventure we’re on. The difficult parts always result in the best stories.


Author: Jeff R

Writer, podcaster, storyteller. I believe everyone has a story worth telling.

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