NMM series – Oct 2

You simply mus not underestimate sin and you simply cannot overestimate grace.

Sometimes when I’m reading pastor Tripp’s writing, it’s easy to picture someone talking as plainly to me as he writes. I love his direct approach and how it confronts my line of thinking.

The leading quote at the top of today’s study is no exception. I’ve definitely been guilty of seeing my shortcomings as too big for God. Probably not so much too big for Him to handle, but too big for Him to still want me. I can see them as a barrier between myself and his love and ignore the beautiful bridge of His grace.

Many other times I don’t do this for myself but instead see others’ missteps as large and minimize my own sin. “I’m bad, but at least I don’t do -that-.” Like Tripp says, we’re eager to keep a running record of wrongs of the people near us. I feel like, at least in my case, it gives me some kind of spiritual leverage. When something is rough in a relationship, I can hold my head high or find a way to place blame. I don’t hold this posture very long. I know that in Matthew, we’re asked to make things right with those around us before leaving anything at the altar. I’ve become much better at doing that.

I don’t like living with the uncomfortableness of leaving unsaid ‘I’m sorry’s or ‘I forgive you’s. I still have a way to go in seeing how far God’s grace has carried people and how it’s changing me.


Author: Jeff R

Writer, podcaster, storyteller. I believe everyone has a story worth telling.

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