It’s Just Not Fair

Life isn’t fair.

Most of the time you hear that, it’s because of something terrible. Some injustice or a random event that left someone in a bad spot.

It can feel pretty frustrating if you take the time to look at all the ways life doesn’t leave us all on equal footing. That finds its way into my prayers.

It burns especially when it comes down to the old phrase ‘why do bad things happen to good people?’

The truth is that we’re all wanting to be paid out what we deserve. And yet, we’re not capable of cleansing ourselves or simply being good enough to deserve glory.

We are lucky that grace isn’t fair. We are lucky that we don’t get what we deserve.

"But the beauty of grace is that it makes life not fair" - Relient K - Be My Escape

Grace is beautiful and mysterious. God sends it running after us in our most broken moments. He sweeps us off of our feet and loves us with a tenderness that is hardest to accept at the times we need it the most. It feels like playing in the mud and then being given new clothes to wear before even cleaning up. We come to sit at God’s table, worried about our dirty faces and not even sure which fork to use. But His grace comforts all the while leading us towards a better us. There may still be some dirt underneath our fingernails, but those of us who have been truly touched by grace know that our faces now shine brighter. It isn’t our doing and that’s what makes it special.



Author: Jeff R

Writer, podcaster, storyteller. I believe everyone has a story worth telling.

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