Get Lean

Thinning down to the stuff that matters most.


Unless I’m just really bad at noticing it, I don’t think God sends me direct guidance on a daily basis. Instead, He gives me His Word and a holy nudge now and then. It’s a little hard to explain.

Sometimes, though, it feels like He presents an idea to me through repetition. An idea that’s on my heart and then it comes up in conversation with someone else or I hear it preached on Sunday. A few weeks ago that happened to me and the idea has been on my mind since.

The message was on being generous with your time. Just like with our finances, we can only be generous with it when we are healthy in how we steward it. That means investing our time into good investments. Plans that are more likely to produce. Even if it’s just in little bits and chunks here and there, making sure to make time for things that are worth it. Because little bits of time add up.

There were four truths about time given:

  • Investing small amounts of time adds up.
  • Neglect adds up.
  • Random does not add up.
  • Missed can’t be made up.

I can’t help but think about gardening when it comes to investing time. How being diligent at keeping up the good helps your odds of healthy blooming. But it’s also important to do some pruning. When it comes to time management, pruning is cutting away bad things and sometimes good things. It gives us space to be present when and with whom we need to.

My friend Bob Goff likes to pick Thursdays as his days to quit something. I really didn’t think about the fact that this post would go up on a Thursday but stuff works out like that sometimes. I think quitting helps us get leaner and focus more on the stuff we’re supposed to do. Hopefully, you’ve taken a moment recently to find out where your time would be best spent. I think the stuff we’re supposed to be doing can change over time, so we have to take a moment to evaluate every so often. Today, I gave up on a website that I had started at the beginning of the year dealing with the board game hobby. It wasn’t that it was a bad thing. But it wasn’t helping me with the important stuff like faith and people. We should be present in the time we’re given.

It’s Thursday. Is there something stopping you from putting more time into the stuff that matters? What stops you from putting more into your faith or relationships?


Author: Jeff R

Writer, podcaster, storyteller. I believe everyone has a story worth telling.

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