A letter to the author

Hey you.

I’m talking to the guy at the laptop right now typing this out.  This letter is intended for an audience of one but that doesn’t mean anyone else should stop reading  this.

You’ll need these words.  Maybe not today.  But you’ll need them.  There will be a day you don’t feel like saying.  So I’ll give them to you now so you can have them ready later.  And to anyone else still reading you may need them too.


You’re not everything that you think you are.

Things that involve you aren’t always about you.  Life moves on swiftly with or without your permission.

Your gifts aren’t nearly so well honed as they sometimes feel.

Your intentions not always as noble as you see them to be.

People are going to dislike you no matter how well you treat them.

Your feelings being offended isn’t reason enough to hold a grudge.

Sometimes tough times are just that.

Your love may not always have the effect you want it to.

The grass will look greener sometimes.

Grand plans will fizzle out with unexpected consequences.

Simply put, you’re just not always enough.


But this letter isn’t one I’m writing to remind you of the painful aspects of life.  In fact, I think you should know there’s beauty in the mysterious mess that we live.  A life well lived will involve growth and learning.  A life well lived will involve the messiness of loving others.  And there will be pain.  You may be at a point right now where confusion reigns and the next step may not be easy to see.  But lean on God and remember to keep things in perspective.  There is grace in those things I told you being true.


You may not be everything that you think you are.  You’re not your past failures, mistakes, and regrets.

Everything  around you isn’t about you.  Be empathetic but not worried about every little thing.  Walk freely with a compassionate heart.

You have been gifted in ways that you can use to lift others up.  You can show grace by handle your shortcomings.

Your worst moments may not be out of hatred but selfishness.  You can find a way to step out of your own way to love someone else.

It sucks when someone chooses bitterness in response to your kindness.  But pay attention, you can choose grace in return for evil.  Do it.

Your feelings are important enough to be heard but they don’t always lead to truth.  Sometimes you won’t feel like doing the right thing.  Make the right decisions anyway.

Sometimes tough times are a great time for lessons to be learned and for perspective to be gained.

Showering others with love may not cause them to reciprocate.  But they’re no less deserving of it because of that.

You get to be the one to water your own lawn.  Nourish healthy relationships and continue to make good choices even when there are weeds.

Scheming up something beautiful is good for your soul.  Maybe it didn’t work out this time, but you know how to better plan your next adventure.  Don’t give up that desire to love and dream big.

You’re not always enough.  And that’s okay.  Getting the chance to love in community is a pretty great thing.  So is knowing that the very best you’ll ever be able to do isn’t your saving grace.  You don’t need to live up to yours or anyone’s expectations tirelessly trying to prove yourself.

Grace is a beautiful thing.


Hope you remember to read this when you need it.




Author: Jeff R

Writer, podcaster, storyteller. I believe everyone has a story worth telling.

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