What do you idolize?

I have a lot of things in my life that I consider important. Most of them are truly things of worth. I still leave room in my life for a little too much disc golf and Pacers basketball. But most of where I placed my attention was in places that were worthy of it like family and friends. It’s not that my priorities were skewed to the point of losing grip on reality, I just rarely took the time to straighten them. Too often, I lived from my own passions, letting them drive fully. I walked with an attitude of doing what felt right at the time.

The problem with placing your full trust in something or someone imperfect is that you will be failed. Athletes can place their self worth in their own physical abilities and be lost after age or injury sets in. Placing your faith in the law, you will eventually see points where human interests backfire and injustice is done. Sports teams will lose, friends will make mistakes, things will break. Lots of hobbies can be great but when investing so much time into something that isn’t life giving, you can feel empty. I poured countless hours of my past into video games. I consistently found ways to weave talk about them into conversations. I chose them over relationships at times. They’re not inherently wrong, but the way I played them was.

Still, most often in life we don’t get caught up in things that matter little but ones that should be important. But even that can be dangerous. Placing things above God in our lives leaves us with a wrong set of priorities. This boils down to idolizing. This can simply be defined as loving something excessively. I have been there with what should’ve been the second most important relationship I held, only behind God. I saw greatness in my relationship with my wife. I heard people talk about how they wished for a relationship like ours as we dated. I silently gloated as others complimented the way I treated my wife. I never looked into my own heart to assess how I loved her because everyone already said I was so good at it. Why would I need to change, I was already great. Minor complaints weren’t even noticed because I was so sure of my own capacity to love. By placing our relationship above everything else, I left myself open to ruin when she would fail me or I her. None of this was her fault. We’ll all falter from time to time. I happen to be an expert at it. But having my perspective wrong and excessively loving something, even something incredibly important, only sets up heartbreak. I choose now to take steps forward with my eyes on Jesus, one who won’t fail me.


Author: Jeff R

Writer, podcaster, storyteller. I believe everyone has a story worth telling.

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